Welcome Message from Dr. Tony Slay

I want to personally take this opportunity to welcome you to the Ministry International Institute Online Course (MIIEDU).  There are many types of degrees offered by Accredited Bible Colleges.  Here you will be working towards an Associate in Ministry.   To give you an understanding of the difference in studies, if you were taking Theological courses then you would be studying the theory of God.  If you were taking Biblical courses, you would be studying the history of the books of the Bible, including circumstances and dates when they were written.  Receiving an Associate in Ministry through the MIIEDU course will equip you to do whatever God has called you to do and enhance the ministry you may presently be involved in. 

At MII we are interested in helping you know the Word of God and the Spirit of God.  Our Associates curriculum will establish you in hundreds of truths of God’s Word.  It will give you practical application for everyday living and a strong opportunity for a true fellowship with God.  Out of this relationship we believe that God will reveal your ministry. 

Once you have achieved your Associate of Ministry you can further your education by corresponding the Bachelor, Master and Doctorate programs.  Also, you have the ability to upgrade using life experience and/or previously earned credit hours through other colleges.   

The MII staff looks forward to working with you in this great opportunity and in your future.  With MII you never have to be alone.  We are not only prepared to train you, but help you through ministry and life circumstances.   

Dr. J. Tony Slay, CEO

Ministry International Inc.

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